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April 21, 2024 2:23 am

New Crop of Technology Reveals Plant Health

Image via Wikipedia (PRWEB) April 7, 2006 The scientists, working together in a project called PLANTS, sought to develop a unique system that linked plants, technology and people to continuously assess the state of crop health. Using sensors, transmitters and specialist software, the system monitors the state of the crop on a plant-by-plant basis, in […]

City of Copenhagen Launches Global Call to Pilot Future Bicycle Technologies

(PRWEB) July 14, 2010 Today, Living Labs Global and the City of Copenhagen are launching a call for innovative mobility solutions to integrate bicycles into the intelligent and integrated transport system for the city. Already today, more than 55% of residents in Copenhagen use the bicycle daily, creating opportunities for new applications of […]

Wireless Health monitoring System

How VESAG helps health conscious citizens The modern day lifestyle leaves little time with most of us to be able to take care of ourselves. With busy work schedules and various other responsibilities, it is not possible to monitor all the vital health parameters on a daily basis. The Vyzin Empowered Security And Guidance or […]

The Internet Of Things ? The Next Internet Revolution

The Internet of Things – the next Internet revolution GreenPeak www.greenpeak.com Our Internet connected world is experiencing a revolution that is still in its early phases. New technologies, applications and online concepts are springing forth every day, changing the way we work with the net and how we connect and communicate with each other.  Even […]

HealthCom2010: Smart Phone Interfaces to Wireless Health Sensors

Flash (Lightning) presentation from HealthCom2010. There were nearly sixty papers to cover so time was strictly limited to three minutes – this served as an introduction so that people could ask questions and get further information at the presenter’s stand outside the theatre. Slides and paper: hughobrien.ie Conference info: www.ieee-healthcom.org technology.discovery.com — Scientists are harnessing […]