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February 24, 2018 9:46 pm

Alternative Power & Solar System – Save Hundreds Each Month !

Image by London Permaculture via Flickr If you are in the process of researching the subject of an alternative power & solar system, then by all means, take a few moments to look over the following – it will surely greatly increase what you’ve learned about the latest in the field of solar energy. What […]

Freeze Alarms

A freeze alarm is invaluable to anyone who owns a home, cabin, trailer, or commercial building that endures harsh winters. For “snow birds” who like to travel south for the winter months, a freeze alarm is practically an insurance policy against winter weather damage back at home that would otherwise go unnoticed. If your furnace […]

New Crop of Technology Reveals Plant Health

Image via Wikipedia (PRWEB) April 7, 2006 The scientists, working together in a project called PLANTS, sought to develop a unique system that linked plants, technology and people to continuously assess the state of crop health. Using sensors, transmitters and specialist software, the system monitors the state of the crop on a plant-by-plant basis, in […]

Elevated Security, Inc. Signs Financing Agreement with RPG, LLC

Charles Town, WV (PRWEB) June 28, 2006 Elevated Security, Inc, (www.elevatedsecurity.com) the industry leader in alternative power for rapid deployed tower systems, today announced an investment agreement with RPG, LLC Ashburn, Virginia, a group of investors. ‚ÄúThis agreement will enhance our market presence in critical areas including: the Gulf Coast region, in preparation […]

Fingerprint + Access Code Door Lock (Gold Edition)

Double action fingerprint and access code security door lock for your home, office or small business. Get modern biometric security at your entry point with this standard door handle style double action doorlock. This is the most secure and convenient method in assuring only authorized people can access private rooms in your house or office. […]

Lumidigm Selects Analogics as Biometrics Distributor in India : India’s Largest Handheld Terminal Manufacturer Adds Lumidigm’s Biometric Sensors to Product Line

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (PRWEB) December 3, 2008 India has a diverse population, field environment and geography that can be challenging for many biometric scanners. “Before we were introduced to Lumidigm, we tested most of the common fingerprint sensors and were not at all satisfied,” said Surender Reddy, Managing Director of Analogics. “Lumidigm came […]

Alternative Power For Home System to Generate Electricity

The price of electricity keeps going up and many people are searching for ways to reduce their expenses. One alternative power for home system that many people are turning to is solar and wind power. Both of these are exceptional solutions for saving money, but they also are safe and environmentally sound. Unfortunately green power […]

Dummies Guide To Green Living

What is Green Living – Green Living is a life philosophy. Proponents of green living aims to conduct their lives in such a way that they have an all encompassing awareness of saving the earth and its environment. As a supporter of Green living, you carry out your life in an eco-friendly and responsible […]

Selecting Your Home Security System Right

Finding home security depends on you, where you live, and what you expect. If you want ultimate home security, you can max out by taking extra precautions, as well as installing proper security systems. Realize that life does not promise us total security; therefore, you want to focus on max security that the nature will […]

Alternative Power Systems

We’ve been utilizing solar panels and wind turbines for a relatively long time now and have begun making massive pushes towards helping our societies let go of their dependence on fossil fuels and instead move to renewable power supplies, such as sun, wind and sea. Solar panels and wind turbines are among the most effective […]