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January 23, 2018 7:58 pm

Life after oil: alternative power

Oil - proved reserves.
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According to various estimates, the proven reserves of oil are expected to last for anywhere between 30 to 80 years. How then are we going to get energy after the sources have been depleted? What will life look like after oil? Find the answers in a new XL Report only on RT.

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7 Responses to Life after oil: alternative power

  1. ogremahamsa says:

    well it sounds like a lie. There is no shortage of resourses…

  2. czarwright says:

    2020 at 20% ?, the time is now for this revolution to take hold. we have know about it for years but the game of control has been to strong and people dieing to hold on to it. we must go green and stop playing the controlled games of greed.

    thanks for posting this
    Peace =)

  3. iraisehell says:

    thats one of the most informative videos on state of green energy development. good job rt

  4. tepstolog says:

    wake up ppl ..!!! nuclear power is the only real solution!!! unles u want to go back to the dark ages ….!

    Wake up !!!

    new generation nuclear power plants are the only solution , this plants r much safer to buield and produce more than the older generation one’s!!!

    and the so coled “nuclear waste” is a mith…!! cause it can be reprocessed and reused ….. so no waste there!! solar energy = genocide !!! think about it!!!

  5. GetLostInCompost says:

    14:37 it’s cheap, one kilovat is 1000 euros

  6. avikbelllic911 says:

    can u create a project on power resources and gie me within this week?? pls

  7. avikbelllic911 says:

    good dude

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