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Coupled with the population increases we also have depleting resources, and because of this more individuals are more tempted to steal and perpetrate crimes to stop themselves or their family from starving and sinking into more dept. Plus, bad individuals and criminals are also inclined to using high-tech weaponry and systems to break into and rob banks, companies, and also houses. It would then seem that more information about home security and also business security is needed.

Statistics from the FBI show that an approximate of around 3.5 billion dollars was never recovered from the estimated 2 million burglaries in 2003. Statistics show that 65.8% of these burglaries occurred in residential houses. It seems that these days, locks and bolts aren’t good enough to keep your family and house secure and that more technical home security systems are required to help.

If you want to be sure of the safety of your children and family, as well as your possessions and property, it will be necessary to buy and fit a good security system manufactured by a reliable and conscientious company. One of the companies that you can rely on when it comes to your security needs for your house and commercial buildings is GE or better known as General Electric, who can provide, either a basic or more advanced system.

The home security systems offered for house owners by GE focuses on three areas which are, property management, connected home and security monitoring. These three aspects are needed to be certain that your property, family and house are well secured and guarded.

About correct property management:

There is a product called TRACcess, which is produced by GE. This home security system was designed to give you constant updates with regard to your property. This will help to stop you from feeling so vulnerable and stressed when away from home. It is a product that you might consider buying.

The TRACcess is not only simple to use, but also simple to program. With just one push on a remote button, you can make changes in the in real time.

Having a house security system that allows your house to communicate with police, and other agencies, when there is a break in is very important. A properly connected house can help save lots of lives and property because it makes it easier for police or fire fighters to respond to possible threats, such as fires or any break in. Even when you not at home you are satisfied that your family house and belongings are well protected.

Monitoring your home:

The company has several systems, including Simon, NetworX, Allegro and Concord that will help maintain a safe environment in your home. GE also lets you customize your own security solutions to safely create a system that meets your needs.

Home security products produced by GE are varied and included components like, window and door sensors, environmental sensors and motion detectors. All these help to create an amazing home security system that will allow you to monitor your property from almost anywhere on the planet.

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