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February 24, 2018 9:45 pm

Geeks On Site: Gadgets Go Green

Last July, a pilot flew an experimental solar-powered plane for 26 hours without using a single drop of fuel. Then in August, teams from three continents set off on a trip around the world in 80 days driving solar powered cars. With headlines like these hitting the technology news sections, perhaps a glimmer of hope […]

Sponge-Jet Abrasive Approved by NAVSEA as Alternative to Power Tooling

Portsmouth, NH (PRWEB) August 24, 2006 The latest Navel Sea System Command’s (NAVSEA) Submarine Maintenance Standard (MS No. 6310-081-015 REV G) now includes the Sponge-Jet technology as an effective alternative to Power Tool Cleaning. The standard approves the use of Sponge-Jet abrasives for exterior surfaces and free flood areas as well as on […]

Joseph Harberg, CEO of Current Energy

www.dailyenergyreport.com; Joseph Harberg, CEO of Current Energy has a fantastic energy management solution for fast food, convenience store and other retail chains. With the help of some cutting edge energy management technology, Current Energy is helping these companies lower their energy consumption by 10-25%. This not only helps these companies save millions of dollars but […]

Wireless Health monitoring System

How VESAG helps health conscious citizens The modern day lifestyle leaves little time with most of us to be able to take care of ourselves. With busy work schedules and various other responsibilities, it is not possible to monitor all the vital health parameters on a daily basis. The Vyzin Empowered Security And Guidance or […]

Alternative Power – The Truth About How You Can Generate Your Own Home Power

In search of alternative power? With the price on many things going up in our lives, many people are looking for ways they can stop over spending on home power bills and save more. Energy for free doesn’t really exist. But it is very possible to create extremely cheap electricity from your own home and […]

Energy Management Technology

An overview of strategies to assist in preparing an energy management action plan for your organization and staff. The strategies include model board policy, administrative guidelines, assembling an energy management action team, assessing the impact of energy policy on society, and an overview of key stakeholders in the energy field. Video Rating: 0 / 5

Autonomous robot

Examples of progress towards commercial autonomous robots Self-maintenance Exteroceptive sensors: 1) blue laser rangefinder senses up to 360 distance readings in a 180-degree slice; 2) 24 round golden ultrasonic sensors sample range readings in a 15-degree cone; 3) ten touch panels along the bottom detect shoes and other low-lying objects. 4) break beams between the […]

Information Technology Teacher Workshop

In summer 2007, 14 San Diego middle school teachers received training in information technology tools (including environmental sensors). This environmental education initiative, including an Internet-based environmental challenge game, is a collaboration between UCSD Teams In Engineering Service and the San Diego Supercomputer Center supported by the NSF ITEST program. Video Rating: 0 / 5 More […]