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2006 China (Guangzhou) International Energy Exhibition – HC net electrical industry

Start time:  2006-08-25 End time:  2006-08-27 Venue:  Chinese Export Commodities Fair Contact:  Jing-Lin Du Contact Phone:  13535389722 Sponsored by:  Chinese Economic and Commercial Co, the World Economic and Industrial Park Alliance, the International Scholar Organizations

Sponsor:  Star of Canton Fair Exhibition Co., Ltd., the Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition Fair Star Co., Ltd.

Supporters:   Shenzhen Energy Conservation Association Supporting Media: Net electrical energy-saving products in China Industry Net China Beijing Purcell environmental information network information

Environmental Network in China China Electric Industry Net China Green Energy Network Solar water heaters Network China Energy Information Network

China’s new energy network in China China Building Material net HC electrical heating network in China energy-saving industrial pipe network

Navigation network in China China Bidding Small appliances Business Network of China’s new energy equipment net “energy” magazine

“Electrical Design” magazine, “Energy Conservation” magazine “small appliances Business” magazine “small appliances Business” magazine

“Power Equipment” magazine “Global Trade and Industry” magazine “fiscal front,” the magazine

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China is the world’s lowest per capita energy to maintain one of the countries. Per capita energy consumption is only half the world average. On the other hand, China’s current energy efficiency is only about 30% lower than in developed countries, about 10 percentage points. Energy than the world average value is 2 times, more than 10 times in Germany as the world’s output of one of the highest energy consumption. Therefore, the “save energy, protect the environment,” has become the top priority of government work. Currently, energy consumption has become a national economy security, international competitiveness, resource conservation and environmental protection, social and economic sustainable development, major problems.

Chinese government is vigorously promoting energy efficiency through increased investment and construction of energy-saving efforts to alleviate the severe energy shortage situation, but far from meeting the energy needs of the market, it is necessary to employ advanced technologies, products and perfect energy-saving programs to achieve the purpose of saving the limited energy. Therefore, China will be wide open the door to energy demand for technology products for the Chinese energy market, the immense business opportunities, no doubt to the domestic and international energy technology products and product manufacturers to provide a huge potential market and great development opportunities.

Display range One, saving electrical equipment environmental protection products:

High (middle) low pressure Inverter ; High (in) low frequency control technology and product X; efficient Smart Saver; reactive power compensation device; Motor Saver; energy saving controller; Central air conditioning Saving system?; Sewing Saver; Injection molding machine Saver; generator; ballast and other products and related technologies.

2, green energy saving lighting and intelligent lighting systems:

Lighting Saver; lamp saver; Intelligent lighting energy saving system; efficient energy-saving electric light source products; energy saving ballast; outdoor equipment; Electronics Energy Saving Lamp ; High-pressure sodium lamp; fluorescent lamps: LED Display Series LED LED   LED Display Control System Application Product LED products energy-saving electric traffic light; lamp saver so.

Third, energy-saving environment-friendly electrical and mechanical equipment:

Energy-saving electrical and mechanical equipment; refrigeration equipment; ventilation equipment; ice storage technology X; environmental conditioning; energy recovery; water chiller; hot water Unit; Radiator ; Cooling fan; heater; exchanger; heat and pressure recovery equipment.

Fourth, fuel-efficient coal saving solar terms of environmental protection Energy-saving and environmentally friendly cars

Small displacement Automotive, Car Saver; Nano Fuel-saving device; new environmentally friendly energy-saving device; car Additive ; Gasoline additive; lubricant additives; fuel-efficient lubricants; fuel-efficient lubricating oil additives; industrial fuel-saving technologies and products; clean Fuel ; Clean energy and alternatives to oil; fuel-efficient fuel-efficient device Tire And technology, water Car wash Products and technologies

Five, saving coal coal saving environmentally friendly electronic products

Energy-saving industrial boilers; energy efficiency of industrial furnaces; energy ball mill; energy concentrator, etc.

6, energy saving appliances and products, energy saving technology X green appliances

Efficient refrigerators (counter); saving air conditioner; Energy Washing machine ; Energy cookers; Energy Water Heater ; Solar term saving; kitchen equipment.

7, energy saving environmental protection products and water treatment, water and equipment, professional technology X

Energy and water saving sanitary ware, water Bathroom ; Water valve; sanitation equipment, etc.

Various water-saving equipment; water for water conservation on the facilities and equipment of advanced technology X and ancillary equipment; aquarium facilities; Cycle Cooling water.

8, building green energy New energy saving wall and roof insulation, energy-saving insulation technology and materials X Doors and windows Insulation, heat insulation and sealing technology X. Building Lighting Energy Technology X product; heating warmth; temperature control and measurement of sub-forgotten heat production and installation; other technology X Mature significant effect of X, etc. Energy management technology.

9, new technologies, new energy saving and environmental protection products and equipment and technical X

Geothermal applications and equipment technology X; efficient utilization of solar energy equipment, technology X; clean coal technology biogas technology in rural areas X and X; other clean energy technology X,.

10, agricultural environmental protection Water Saving Products Equipment and technology

Rural biogas products and technology, water-saving irrigation; straw energy saving equipment and technology; and other green energy equipment.

XI, energy saving valve products, equipment and technology

Pump production equipment and technology X; pumps; pump X production technology and equipment (not? Steel stamping pumps); Other pump-related special materials, equipment, valve products; valve fittings and lubrication material; valve actuator (electric, pneumatic); X valve production technology and equipment.

12, new energy, energy saving equipment and technology X and other energy-saving energy-saving products

Solar water heaters, solar house, solar cookers and other solar thermal lighting products; small solar photovoltaic power supply; micro water generator;

Small wind Engine ; Wind water pumping machine; civil efficient stoves; heat pipe energy saving products.

XIII related media Energy saving newspapers, magazines, Web sites, software, multimedia publications.

Shenzhen Energy Industry Association of Energy Service Commission (SESA) will be

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