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August 4, 2021 11:59 am

Educating Sensor Technology to Canada’s First Nations People

In the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, fish swimming in the northern lakes are sick and the water is no longer fit to drink. The First Nations people in the region now want to monitor the water quality themselves. INCAS³ is developing the environmental sensors they need. The INCAS³ Sensory System Hardware has been designed as an educational and training tool. The environmental sensors can measure air and water quality. Young First Nations people (aged 13 to 20 years) have been trained by INCAS³ staff to use this sophisticated sensor technology. This took place at the Environment Camp held in Canada from May 25-29, 2010.
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Opengear console servers provide connectivity to devices not currently network or SNMP enabled. We deliver remote site access to serial console ports, digital I/O devices, environmental sensors and TCP/UDP hosts. Opengear console servers are also available in extended temperature models to extend Orion monitoring to harsh environments. At the remote site we can monitor nearly anything: SNMP, IP, Serial Consoles, USB, relays, digital i/o’s. We extend the Orion monitoring to consoles on network gear and servers, VoiP switches, building security, access control, UPS systems, environmental sensors, heating and cooling plants, and more. Our console servers allow for easy integration by handling all of the connectivity and conversion issues at the remote site and present the status and alerts over IP via SNMP. For example, our design allows UPS and PDU systems that do not have SNMP capability to me actively monitored and managed via serial console. Our devices are vendor agnostic which allows previously un-monitored UPS and PDU systems to be easily integrated into Orion. You can now trigger alerts on battery, load, input/output on UPS systems and harness switched and metered PDU’s via serial interface.

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