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June 28, 2022 6:50 pm

Ardour Enhances Board With Addition of Experienced Venture Capitalist

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 15, 2004 Ardour Capital Investments, LLC, a New York based Investment Bank and a leading research institution in the Energy Technology/Alternative Power sector has announced the addition of G. Bickley Stevens II to its board of directors. Mr. Stevens has been active in the venture capital industry as a […]

City of Copenhagen Launches Global Call to Pilot Future Bicycle Technologies

(PRWEB) July 14, 2010 Today, Living Labs Global and the City of Copenhagen are launching a call for innovative mobility solutions to integrate bicycles into the intelligent and integrated transport system for the city. Already today, more than 55% of residents in Copenhagen use the bicycle daily, creating opportunities for new applications of […]

Guide to VT220 Emulation

Image by Getty Images via @daylife VT220 Emulation uses the telnet protocol to create a TCP/IP connection to a remote host typically running the Unix, AIX, IBM i or Linux operating system. Originally, video terminals were used to communicate with these systems. The most established manufacturer of VT terminals was Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). The […]

Guide to IBM PSeries Emulation

The IBM pSeries line of servers, also known as IBM System p, was originally named RS/6000. These servers run the AIX, IBM i or Linux operating systems. The IBM pSeries line of servers has now been replaced by IBM Power™ Systems. Virtualization and Server Consolidation Using IBM’s PowerVM virtualization technology for the pSeries, organizations can […]

How To Use Alternative Power Systems To Generate Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is a form of power we’ve been utilizing for over a millennium, though not in the ways you’d expect. We’ve used wind power to power along boats and ships, but also to grind grain in windmills. Solar power has been used to heat pipes for hot water and water power provided an alternative […]

A Primer On Alternative Power

Thanks to the advent of alternative power, no longer must we rely on depleting the planet of its natural resources, burning fossil fuels that cause pollution of the atmosphere, depletion of the ozone layer, can potentially be unstable (as in nuclear energy), and continues to increase in cost year after year. The main sources of […]

Biometric Locks Mysteries, What Does Sensor Life Mean?

So you’re in the market for biometric locks, perhaps to put on the front door of your home or to better secure your office. You have familiarized yourself with the aspects of biometric locks. You understand the concept of the sensor, which reads input such as a fingerprint or voice and compares it to information […]

2006 China (Guangzhou) International Energy Exhibition – HC net electrical industry

Start time:  2006-08-25 End time:  2006-08-27 Venue:  Chinese Export Commodities Fair Contact:  Jing-Lin Du Contact Phone:  13535389722 Sponsored by:  Chinese Economic and Commercial Co, the World Economic and Industrial Park Alliance, the International Scholar Organizations Sponsor:  Star of Canton Fair Exhibition Co., Ltd., the Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition Fair Star Co., Ltd. Supporters: […]

Educating Sensor Technology to Canada’s First Nations People

In the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, fish swimming in the northern lakes are sick and the water is no longer fit to drink. The First Nations people in the region now want to monitor the water quality themselves. INCAS³ is developing the environmental sensors they need. The INCAS³ Sensory System Hardware has been designed as […]

Biometric Locks Mysteries, What Is A 3D Sensor?

It may seem silly to say that “the future is now” but it is absolutely true. As far-fetched as movies like seem, there is always a grain of truth to be gleaned from them. Such is the case in futuristic movies like Minority Report where people drive hover cars and stealing other’s eyeballs in order […]