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January 23, 2018 8:01 pm


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www.greenpowerscience.com A simple wind turbine all around you. Alternative energy green job training. Wind power.


  1. bjeanfreau says:

    What is the bottom line? Given the area of the fresnel lens…..can you generate more watts from it using a mechanical to electrical system vs the most efficient solar cell? Then there is the cost…Can you get more watts per dollar than an efficient solar cell than you can using a sterling or steam driven generator?

  2. urgencyharviefcem says:

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  3. JacobH420 says:

    do you ever have to change the fuel or gas in the STIRLING ENGINE?

  4. karmand21 says:

    it sucks

  5. SolarTrinkets says:

    check out my channel for more solar stuff. (all for sale!)

  6. SolarTrinkets says:

    check out my channel for more solar stuff. (all for sale!)

  7. paladain55 says:

    @silverpizza100 wtf? stirling

  8. TABAGfrancis says:

    Please watch:

  9. AndryhaCh says:

    If to a flywheel to attach the refrigerating compressor then it will be possible to raise EFFICIENCY strongly. The evaporator on a cold part, and the condenser on the hot.

  10. AndryhaCh says:

    If to a flywheel to attach the refrigerating compressor then it will be possible to raise EFFICIENCY strongly. The evaporator on a cold part, and the condenser on the hot.

  11. checksummedchest says:

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  12. newton2013 says:

    Next evening, got another. They aren’t as nice as new ones, one is a bit yellowed. I’m wondering if that “3m headlight restore” product would work. “Four step process that restores the clarity of yellowed, hazed, or dull headlight lenses.”

  13. newton2013 says:

    ahha! just pulled a huge Fresnel out of a projection tv in the alley. Yay.

  14. TABAGfrancis says:

    Please watch:

  15. dreadfulweasel says:

    I think the Fresnel lens is the real star of this show. Could that type of lens have photovoltaic or steam turbine applications?

  16. MrGimli2 says:

    what does it power?

  17. redghost105 says:


  18. renegade2787 says:

    Is it possible to just modify the flywheel to where you can set up a magneto from a small engine(i.e. lawnmower, etc.) to produce electricity? Might take away a bit of the drag you get from attaching a generator to it.

  19. JasonJason210 says:

    There’s no much new about these engines…they’ve been around for over 150 years.

  20. scarden99 says:

    very cool idea to support us this way, thanks!
    how much power can you get out of this?

  21. kenboak says:

    Anything I type here is tweeted – how convenient

  22. kenboak says:

    The function of the displacer is to transfer the air from the hot space to the cold space. This sets up internal pressure cycle variations, which in turn drives the power piston in and out. A mechanical linkage links the power piston to the displacer and drives it at 90 degrees phase advance. Neat little solar engine – with a water cooled cold space and a glass jar (greenhouse) around the hotspace – it would really run well.

  23. NewPyroLabs says:

    @silverpizza100 No, it is actually “Stirling”, my friend

  24. sangdut says:

    @silverpizza100 stupid !

  25. derman077 says:

    @WhistlersBrother have you seen the ted talk dedicated to this concept? their design evolved to look like a solar tracking silver flower.

  26. NitroJunkie626 says:

    @wiredforstereo I have to agree, a cylinder spinning on a stick will not generate power, without a way to convert it’s rotational energy into electricity. It puzzles me as to why that is not mentioned in this video, afterall, it is about wind power, isn’t it? This thing is nothing more than a fancy pinwheel.

  27. chandin69 says:

    shes cute

  28. mauseproductions says:

    she looks like a hobo

  29. SolarInstaller7 says:

    verticals have a backside pressure, as one side catches wind, the other resists the wind. the power of a turbine comes from how many square feet of wind you can catch. thus a little strip on one side of any apparatus isn’t enough to power much. verticals are fun as a science project but never used by any utility or serious wind power system.

  30. jwelmajohana says:

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  31. YoungMoney4280 says:

    @bigshugdorman Your the type of person that will watch a show & Spot a middle aged woman & call her hot Your a discrace to the Male gender. >.<

  32. soulfultenor says:

    that’s a M series engine by Toyota in the back ground don’t know if it’s a 7MGE, 6MGE, 5MGE, or the 4ME, altogether I know it’s a M

  33. dharmanova says:

    “Check out your local junkyard” It has everything you are looking for”…..
    And if you are a green “junkie” like me, that includes company 🙂

  34. acolangeli says:

    @bryson502 your an idiot

  35. wiredforstereo says:

    @valhar2000 No matter how cheap it is, you will not have a wind generator. These things will make no power. None. It spins, neat. No power.

  36. valhar2000 says:

    @wiredforstereo: They are also dirt cheap if you get them from a junkyard. You will not have a high-end wind power generator if you make it out of these things, but you will also have less of an initial expense to recoup.

  37. PlausableApple4 says:

    @wiredforstereo I’m with you on that one.

  38. wiredforstereo says:

    There’s no way to make any usable power off these things. The reason why they move in low wind is that they aren’t producing any power. They are blowers, they were designed as blowers, they work as blowers. They are not wind turbines.

  39. vihagasaliya says:

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  40. clarkewi says:


  41. bryson502 says:

    i got one in the back yard right now

  42. fasterfind says:

    What would you plug one of these things in to?

  43. ikedasquid says:

    @DraconisRex instead of ridiculing why don’t you make a point? You don’t make it clear how the first paragraph relates to your point in the second. Why do those hours figures matter?

    To argue against your second paragraph, how do you judge what your free time is worth? Is it worth $5/hr? Is it worth $55/hr? more? One way to judge what it is worth would be to use what someone else is willing to pay you for that time. As far as opportunity cost…what about the leisure time lost?

  44. UpcomingJedi says:

    @johncarl43447 Your dad is an idiot. If he is unhappy he just takes it? Negative comments can be turned into something constructive when someone sees a fault and has the balls to speak up.

  45. DraconisRex says:

    @ikedasquid You’re wrong in so many ways it could take a week to ridicule you. I’ll stick with one of your opportunity cost fallacy. Like most people you probably work about 168 hours a MONTH. There are 720 hours in a 30-day month. Many activities, like sleeping and eating, take up large amounts of the remainder.

    However, there are easily two-hours worth of NON-COMPENSATED TIME available for you every month. Therefore, you have NO OPPORTUNITY COST and your argument FAILS HARD.

  46. cmacksta says:

    1:34 is my exact Air Conditioner :p

  47. Stgopena1212 says:

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  48. ikedasquid says:

    @baalisgod666 I have a pretty average house, and my average electric bill is probably $120/month. The average American makes about $20-25 per hour. So in 6 hours of work you pay your bill. If your POS squirrel cage VAWT requires 2 hours of maintenance a month, it better produce at least 1/3 of your monthly consumption…of course it won’t, so that is why your argument and this idea are crap.

  49. ikedasquid says:

    @baalisgod666 It’s not free, for two reasons. You will still have to gather the parts, and even if the turbine is free the generator and converter won’t be. Divide that by the life of the shortest lived part and you have a cost/unit of energy produced.

    Second, you will need to maintain the thing. If you make it out of cheap parts it’s going to need plenty of work to keep it going. Figure a few hours a month * hourly wage at your day job. I’ll take this a little further in the next post.

  50. baalisgod666 says:

    @ikedasquid Hey smarty, even an inefficient wind generator generates FREE energy. Yes by all means do the math and maximise it, but your comments are as dopey as your mom.

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